Nicholas's Hospital Birth

We had a beautiful baby boy on 6/29. His name is Nicholas Zachary. Weighing in at 8lbs 5oz, 21.5inches. 


You were right, for me, labor felt like pressure in my pelvis. I didn't even know I was in labor, because I was waiting to feel "pains" in my uterus. Around 2am the pelvis pressure got intense, so I called the doctor. I couldn't even talk in full sentences. We went to the ER. We gave everyone our birth plan. On it we asked for a quiet space. I listened to all the HypnoBirthing audios over and over again for hours. I got to 6cm on my own. I couldn't stay in my calm place anymore....too many people were in and out of the room. A person doing blood pressure research was in my space. Then the doctor asked if she could break my water as my labor was progressing. She said after she breaks my water things will "intensify." With that word and the staff coming in and out of my room, I could no longer relax through the surges, and the decision was made for the epidural. A bit later, I finally got to 10cm and 100% efface. The doctor said it would take at least 2hrs of active pushing. The doctor and nurse taught me how to push their way. It wasn't until I started breathing and pushing through the surge breathes that the baby started to crown. The doctor apologized for coaching me her way and allowed me to breath "my way." The baby then was on my chest within a half hour. I believe it was learning the proper breathing techniques through HypnoBirthing,the visualization strategies and the chiropractic adjustments that helped. 


Hypnobirthing helped me alot. I am so grateful to you and the class for helping me get through it all. The nurse commented how we were the only patients she has ever seen never turn the T.V. on or listen to music. Instead I listened to the audios, smelled lavender, breathed and visualized. So thank you very much for all your coaching and teachings!