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Mahya Induction

Based on the wisdom of Sandra Malik, the super successful Mahya Induction method helps naturally induce labor. This massage session blends together energy work, reflexology and acupressure to help labor start on its own. It has even shown to help a medical induction be smoother and more effective and successful.

Who is this session good for?

  • Passed your "guess date" and your doctor has you scheduled for a medical induction?

  • Hoping to have your birth center/home birth but waiting for baby to come?

  • Have a medical induction scheduled and hope it works?

  • Having on/off labor surges (contractions) with no other signs of labor?

  • Did your water break and labor hasn't officially "kicked in"?

  • Did you think you were in real labor and it seems like now it's stalled, slowing or shut down?

Book a session now
2 hour session
Either at my home office or in the comfort of your home, birth center or hospital.
Mom must be passed her "guess date", have one or more signs of labor or is scheduled for a medical induction.

$200 (plus travel fees)

Reflexology Therapy
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