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About Estee Nadav

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My vision is that every woman connects positively to herself, her baby and her partner during her pregnancy, birth and postpartum stages. Through taking the HypnoBirthing series parents are empowered and informed about birth while having an inner sense of peace and serenity. Parents radiate confidence as they makes this life-changing journey and blossom into parenthood.


This is my vision, because this is my story.

I first fell in love with HypnoBirthing when I stepped through the doors of motherhood with my first pregnancy in 2005.


I'll admit, I was little ignorant with my first pregnancy. I had no idea what birth would be like -- and rightfully so! Yet deep down, almost intuitively, I knew birth was a natural phenomenon and it had to be different than what I saw in the movies.


I came across the Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing classes and started my journey. I clearly saw how HypnoBirthing helped me navigate my birth by assisting me to relax and feel confident in working with my body during labor. I was able to speak up for myself when I needed to and then surprised the hospital staff by birthing my baby in a significantly shorter time than was expected! I loved my experience so much that I continued to use this method with my later births. With each pregnancy, I again practiced my techniques and reviewed the materials. Then with each birth I continued to experience the beauty of HypnoBirthing, having calm, confident and positive births in the hospital and at home!  


After receiving praises from the hospital staff with each of my births I thought, "Why are my births not the norm? Why aren't more mothers having positive births like mine?" This inspired me to become a certified HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator so I could empower other parents, like you, to have better births! 


As a childbirth educator, my goal is to transform your journey to parenthood from a stressed and anxious time to a time filled with love, connection and calm as you meet your baby for the first time. 


I love meeting parents from all areas of Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties and even South Jersey. I see parents like you walking into my class thirsty for information and hungry to create a positive birth mindset. They finish the series positive and confident that their births will be amazing experiences -- and they are!


I am a certified HypnoBirthing practitioner since 2010 and authorized to teach the renowned international HypnoBirthing, Mongan Method course.


I am also a CAPPA trained and certified postpartum doula. 


I enjoy staying up to date with continuous training through organizations like Evidence Based Birth, Body Ready Method®, Spinning Babies and more!


I am now a certified Body Ready Method® pro specifically trained to help your body be ready for the birth you desire! I can help you address and minimize pregnancy related aches and pains and support you in a smooth postpartum recovery.


As inductions rise in the US, I am here to offer help with the Mahya induction method. I am now certified to help naturally induce labor to either avoid a medical induction or help a medical induction be smooth and successful!

Helping you, in all ways,  have the positive birth you want is my goal!


Estee gives HypnoBirthing classes in the Philadelphia area.

Check out the upcoming classes to find a class near you!

Estee does 1:1 BRM assessments to create a personalized movement plan to help ease pregnancy and postpartum issues and help you have an efficient birth!

Estee schedules in person natural induction massage sessions to help labor begin. Reach out if you are passed your due date to schedule a session!

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