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Persephone's Beautiful Induced Labor

 It's been an amazing ride these last few weeks :) We had the baby last Tuesday! Can you believe it? I had to be induced because of a growth restriction and went in last Monday. I still ended up having a semi-natural birth with no epidural or pain killers.


I visualized my cervix opening and went into labor with only 6 mg of Pitocin with 1 hour of active labor and 5 min to birth... without ever pushing, just J breathing.


I owe it all to you and the confidence you helped me build throughout the program.


By the way, the midwife said she'd never witnessed a birth happen that quickly with anyone that had been induced or with a woman birthing their first baby :)


Persephone Renee Dugas was July 23rd 2019 at 4 pounds 7 ounces. She latched to breastfeed the next day, gained back her weight in 5 days after only losing 4% after birth and is the calmest baby ever.


Thank you again Estee! Here's a pic of the little bean at 1 day old

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