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Bryn's Birth of Soren in a Birth Center

We had a wonderful birthing experience at Bryn Mawr Birth Center thanks to all the HypnoBirthing preparation! It all started when my water broke on the morning of the day before I turned 38 weeks, but I wasn't in labor. We went to the birth center and they encouraged me to go home and use some natural methods to kick start the surges, even though they said 80% of women will naturally go into labor within 24 hours of water breaking. We tried everything on the list, acupressure, acupuncture, and finally castor oil, and I eventually started having suges around 2 am. They didn't get uncomfortable until about 4-5 am, but they never really established a pattern. Around 6 am we went to the Birth Center not knowing if this was really it or what, and I was doing my breathing and feeling good and on top of things. They checked me and I was 6 cm, so that was awesome! The midwife said she had only seen one other woman as calm as me at 6cm. That was a boost of confidence! I took a bath but couldn't get really comfortable in the bath tub. I had a lot of pressure in my lower back and later was told I may have had back labor. By the time I got out an hour and a half or so I was 9.5 cm - that was great too! Then I started to feel like I wanted to push, but I really wanted to stick to the non-pushing "breathing down" method, so I didn't bear down, but it was so hard to resist without feeling like I was not letting go at the same time. I just took it easy, and gently eased things down. I was really tired from the lack of sleep the night before so in between suges I fell asleep! Around 2 pm the baby was born.  It was awesome! Just like I imagined...reaching down and grabbing him and putting him on my chest in that moment of orgasm. It was really wonderful! The labor was hard work and exhausting (really exhausting!!!) but manageable. And so worth it!!!!


I really think that practice, every day alone and with your partner, is a HUGE part of it as well. You can't prepare enough! I think I was really well conditioned so I didn't think much about what I needed to do, I just did it.


His name is Soren Falco Greig. He was 7 lbs 4 oz. Now of course he is flipping over and babbling, and blowing bubbles, and has just discovered his hands. And I absolutely love being a mom. I really look forward to every day. 


Thank you so much for your instruction. It was incredibly useful and really prepared us for labor.  

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