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Birth Your Baby With Confidence and Love

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"Everyone was impressed with how calm I was and how fast it went. Thank you for all the wisdom and everything you taught me. I felt truly prepared!"     ---  Hila D., Philadelphia

You Can Have a Beautiful Birth

Leave your fears aside and experience a birth with calm and peace; love and joy.

Have the birth YOU want.


What I Offer


Loving black husband massaging his medit

The Path to a Fantastic Birth!

Take this 5 week class to learn how to achieve a wonderful pregnancy and birth experience. In this comprehensive childbirth class, you will learn everything you need to know for birth including relaxation techniques to help you have a mindful, connected, and peaceful pregnancy. These tools will help you have a calm, confident and positive birth!

Classes are held in the Philadelphia area.



Mothering the Mother After Birth

After birth, all you want to do is get to know your baby, make sure feedings are going well, heal your body and stay rested. However, you still have responsibilities. Having a postpartum doula will let you enjoy the blissful time with your baby after birth and help you both settle in with less stress and

more joy. 

Maternity Yoga Private Class

Body Ready Method Sessions

Get your body ready for birth in any trimester! Optimize your core, pelvic floor, reduce pregnancy related pain, and prep for an amazing birth and postpartum recovery.

Classes are 1:1 and are held via zoom or in-person.

Mahya Natural Induction Massage

Passed your due date or labor hasn't "kicked in" yet? Want to avoid a medical induction or a hospital birth? This unique and effective massage session, a blend of energy work, reflexology and acupuncture can help your body flow into labor, naturally!

“Estee helped me to completely re-frame the birthing experience. Before I took HypnoBirthing with her, my understanding of labor and birth was that it was difficult, long and painful. Estee turned my world upside down and prepared me for the most exciting day of my life by providing me with the motivation, self-confidence and inner strength to be in control of my birthing experience.”


Chana Colin

“From time to time, I still think about what I learned from Estee's classes and how her support helped me through the delivery. And when I do, I'm still in awe of how calm and peaceful I was, considering my baby was born four weeks early. Estee really helped me learn to listen to my body and trust that it and I would know what to do. And that in doing so, I would be able to be relaxed and at ease. The classes really helped me visualize the situation and remain calm and in control. And I believe it helped my husband feel at ease and like a great support person, he knew what to expect and how he could help me. I can't thank Estee enough for everything she taught us to help us have such a wonderful experience. We're truly grateful!”

Brooke Pompe

“Beyond the hypnobirthing training, Estee was a wonderful resource for all things related to pregnancy and motherhood. They say in life you will only be as successful as the people you surround yourself with. And I felt blessed to be able to surround myself with Estee.  Estee is knowledgeable in theory and in practice, from conception through pregnancy and postpartum. Her beautiful family (inside and out) is a true testament to that.”

Joanna Doiban


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